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New Zealand to France and Back


Bonjour, Lovers of Fine Food 
Our Journey began with a one-year rugby contract in the South West of France, we ended up staying for 14 years and absolutely loved it.

Mike played professional rugby for 11 years and our 3 lovely daughters were born there, Lauren, Hayley, and Danielle.

After rugby finished, we decided we would move back to NZ to be closer to family. We wanted to be able to share the amazing food that we fell in love with and had become so accustomed to eating daily, with the rest of New Zealand. So, after a successful rugby career, Mike signed up at  L'Université de Bayonne and completed a CAP in Charcuterie / Traiteur A degree in the age-old French art of preserving meat called Charcuterie.

Mike studied the centuries-old, tried, tested, and loved preserving techniques passed down from generation to generation, and worked alongside French Artisans who had over 40 years of experience. He was also PAACT into the Confrérie du Jambon de Bayonne as an active protector of the salted air-dried ham and is the only foreigner to have the honour to attain this prestigious title.  
Maison Aotearoa Charcuterie is a story of two worlds colliding. The French and the Kiwi, Mike and Julie are bringing those techniques to New Zealand and combining it with Aotearoa’s reputation for fine meat and artisan production to make something truly authentic, natural, and delicious.

We are very proud of our journey and look forward to sharing our love of good food with you.

Bon appétit

Mikaera and Julie 


A Love for good food


Let’s bring back the goodness in our food without all the added extras.  

No Nitrates, No Preservatives, No Additives

Maison Aotearoa Charcuterie transforms local meat products into

High-End Gourmet Products, using old traditional French preparation and preserving methods.

It stays true to the traditional French charcuterie philosophy.

"Tout est bon dans le Cochon" 

“waste not, want not”

"Ina te kaha roa te kupenga o te ora, he taonga tuku iho."
by Victory Tewhata
"Behold the many traditions of food, are treasures passed down."
by Victory Tewhata

A Perfect Blend of Two Cultures


Maison Aotearoa Charcuterie is a story of two worlds colliding,

the French and the Kiwi, to make something truly authentic and delicious. 

The New Zealand clean green reputation ensures the freshest, finest ingredients are sourced and combined with the best cuisine in the world.

Maison Aotearoa Charcuterie uses the best from both cultures and handcrafts delicacies that are a match made in heaven.  Let us do the preparation so you can wow your guests and take the time to sit around the dining table with friends and family, eating well and enjoying each other’s company. 

“As Simple as a Shared Meal”